Due to a lack of interest in this contest, we have been forced to shut it down early. Quite early. In fact, the contest only ran for about two weeks. In that time, we had some very generous people donate money to the fund, but we didn't have a single entry to the contest. And you can't have a contest without contestants.

To all those who lent their financial support to our endeavor, we will be returning your money to you, post-haste. We're sorry for the trouble, and we hope that you're not too disappointed.

The original text of our contest announcement remains below, in the interests of posterity on the World Wide Interweblink.

Have you read this? A restaurant in Hawaii, Blossoming Lotus, is holding a “contest”. They’re asking people to submit vegan recipes to them, and the author of the best recipe will be sent on a one-week trip to Hawaii.

Does that sound good to you?

Well, think about it for a moment. Sure, we’d probably all like to go on a free vacation to Hawaii, but there’s a catch. Whether you win or lose, Blossoming Lotus is going to keep your recipe. In fact, by submitting it to them, you’re granting them exclusive ownership of it. And if it’s a good one, even if they don’t select it as the winner, they’ll probably include it in their upcoming recipe book. You won’t get paid for it, and you won’t get a trip to a tropical island, and they probably won’t even credit you in the book. Afterwards, it will be illegal for you to post the same recipe on a forum like Post Punk Kitchen, or on a site like VeganYumYum.

In other words, they’re asking you to write their recipe book for them. They’re probably going to end up spending less than $5,000 on this contest, which they will be able to write off as a business expense. That’s a pretty good deal for Blossoming Lotus, but it’s not such a good deal for 99% of the people who submit recipes, and it’s definitely a loss for the vegan community at large. We’ll have to pay Blossoming Lotus for “their” cookbook, just to see recipes that we’d have otherwise given each other for free.

I have a better idea.

Instead of sending your original recipes to the black hole that is this contest, send them to us instead. We’ll collect these recipes, we’ll format them, and we’ll try to take pretty photographs of as many as we can. The recipes won’t belong to some company; they’ll belong to everyone.

The Vacation

Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater, though. It would still be nice for some hard-working vegan cook to get a free trip to Hawaii. So when you send us your original recipes, consider making a small donation to Vegan Vacation through PayPal. A couple of dollars would be enough if everyone spreads the word. We’ll keep a donation-meter on this page, and when it reaches $3000, we’ll send the winner and a guest on a seven-day trip to tropical paradise.

Everybody wins. We all get a collection of awesome recipes, and two lucky people get a free vacation. Even Blossoming Lotus wins, because presumably the winner will make a trip to their restaurant. No hard feelings, right? Supporting vegan businesses is fantastic; I just don’t think we should do their work for them.

I don’t know how everyone else feels about this, but I think it’s a great idea. I think it’s so great that I’m going to put $250 of my own money towards the prize, which obviously I'm not eligible for.

The Recipes

Do you have a tasty, original recipe? I think you do. Send it to us at vacation@veganyumyum.com. Include a detailed description of your recipe, with a list of ingredients, measurements, and instructions. Send pictures too, if you have them. We’ll format and index them all, and we’ll host them here on VeganYumYum for everyone to share. If you'd like us to include your name, and a link to your website, please provide us with that information with your submission.

Help Out

If you like this idea, and you want to help us out, we’d really appreciate it. The easiest thing you can do is donate a few dollars to the contest fund, by donate button at the top of this page. We also need contestants, so please send us your favorite recipe(s). If you have a website of your own, and you want to link to us, you can use one of the buttons below:

Vegan Vacation

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Vegan Vacation

To add the ribbon to your site, insert the following line just before your page's closing </body> tag: (example)

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.veganyumyum.com/vacation/ribbon.js">

The Rules

You may only submit recipes which are your own, original creation. Any non-original, or non-vegan recipes will be immediately disqualified. You may submit more than one recipe. Family and close friends of VeganYumYum are not eligble for prizes. To be elibible for prizes, your submissions must include your full name, phone number, and mailing address. All submissions must be received by August 1st, 2007. Only email submissions, sent to vacation@veganyumyum.com, will be considered. You must be 18 years or older to participate, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Grand prize includes round-trip airfare for two to Hawaii from Los Angeles, California, and six nights accomodation at a hotel in Hawaii. All included vendors will be chosen by VeganYumYum, and any other costs will be covered only at the discretion of VeganYumYum, based on available contest funds. Winning recipes will be chosen by VeganYumYum and a panel of judges selected by VeganYumYum. Five runners-up will receive secondary prizes to be determined by VeganYumYum. By submitting, you authorize VeganYumYum to publish your recipe on the Internet. Recipes remain the property of their respective authors. Any donations are the property of VeganYumYum.com, are non-refundable, and will be used exclusively for the purposes of this contest. Donations will not be taken into account in the distribution of prizes.